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The Final Palaeolithic of Northern Europe

Proceedings of the Amersfoort, Schleswig and Burgos UISPP Commission Meetings

Edited by Berit Valentin Eriksen, Eelco Rensink and Susan Harris


The present volume brings together 21 papers presented at three different meetings of the UISPP Commission for “The Final Palaeolithic of Northern Eurasia”. From a chronological perspective, our research focuses on the emergence and migration of hunter-gatherer groups into previously unoccupied territories across the North European Plain during the Late Glacial and Early Postglacial periods, i.e. from approximately 15,000 to 8,000 BP. Given the magnitude of climate fluctuations and, as a consequence, the changes in the landscape, vegetation and fauna, the Late and Final Palaeolithic cultures of Northern Eurasia were characterized by a variety of adaptive responses. These are reflected in lithic and organic technologies, settlement patterns, subsistence practices, social organizations and even ideologies. The thematic focus of the present volume highlights all of these topics and the research questions associated with them. We hope that the collection of papers will provide a solid fundament for future research on the Late and Final Palaeolithic.

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