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Special exhibition: The Nydam Boat – sunk – discovered – explored

14.04.2013 10:00
01.04.2019 10:00
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10-18 Uhr


Nydam SonderausstellungSince its discovery more than 150 years ago, the Nydam Boat has fascinated generations. Its age of about 1700 years and its state of preservation are truly impressive. And there is much about this unique rowing ship dating back to the Iron Age that is exceptional: not only its having been deposited intact in a lake together with its equipment – without previous deliberate destruction – but also its subsequent conservation in and by the peat bog. Its excavation in 1863 made it possible for experts to investigate a fully seaworthy prehistoric ship for the first time in the history of Northern European archaeology.
Today, research is concentrating itself on various aspects of its construction technology and the circumstances under which it was sunk. And no less important are the history of its discovery and the importance of the boat in the cultural exchange between Germany and Denmark.

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