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U. Arents und S. Eisenschmidt: Die Gräber von Haithabu

The excavations at Hedeby, vol. 15

The study concerns the approximately 1350 graves that were excavated at the Viking Age settlement Hedeby (Haithabu) between 1812 and 1970. For the first time all Hedeby graves are presented together and analysed from the point of view of grave structure, grave goods and aspects of cultural history. There are both cremation and inhumation burials ranging from graves containing only a few grave goods up to richly furnished chamber graves. Central questions concern the demographic, social and ethnic divisions in the Viking Age population of Hedeby as well as their religious beliefs. All this points once more to the importance of Hedeby as trading post and early town.

Annex 1   384.5 kB  
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Annex 3   757.6 kB  
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Plan 5   744.3 kB  
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