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Alexandra Pesch awarded the Oscar Montelius Medal

“Svenska Fornminnesföreningen”, the Society for Swedish Archaeology in Stockholm, has awarded its prestigious Oscar Montelius Medal to Dr. phil. habil. Alexandra Pesch.

This is high praise for the results of her research in the field of Scandinavian iconography, in particular on bracteates, and especially for the publication in 2015 of her post-doctoral habilitation thesis on Swedish gold collars in: The Power of Animals. Migration Period gold collars and the principles of Germanic art.  Moreover, as “Svenska Fornminnesföreningen” points out, Alexandra Pesch is also particularly qualified to receive the Oscar Montelius Medal in view of her extensive commitment to university teaching and her organisation of conferences and exhibitions.

Dr Jan Peder Lamm, emeritus research director of the “Statens Historiska Museet”, the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm, is himself a gold-collar specialist and co-author of The Power of Animals with an important chapter on the finds and their research history. He writes, “[…] from the above, and from her curriculum vitae, it can be seen that Alexandra Pesch is an extremely competent and productive archaeologist whose interests focus principally on the Migration Period in Scandinavian archaeology. She is one of the leading experts in the field in Europe and thus a most worthy recipient of the Oscar Montelius Medal.”

The Oscar Montelius Medal has been awarded since 1947 for exceptional commitment to the area of interest of the “Svenska Fornminnesföreningen”, especially archaeological research. It is not awarded every year, but only for special achievements. Previous recipients are: 1952 Professor Hakon Shetelig; 1962 HM King Gustaf VI Adolf; 1970 Professor Birger Nerman; 1980 Professor Greta Arwidsson; 1986 Professor Sten Karling, Director Einar Kjellén and Professor Michael Müller-Wille (Kiel); 1993 Sir David Wilson; 2000 Professor Berta Stjernqvist; 2004 Professor Björn Ambrosiani; 2014 Professor Lars Larsson; 2015 Professor Erik Cinthio and Professor Ulla Lund Hansen.

The award ceremony will take place on 26 October 2016 in the “Statens Historiska Museet” in Stockholm. On this festive occasion, Alexandra Pesch will give a lecture on ”Swedish gold collars and the power of animals”.

A. Pesch im SHM

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