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Dr. John Meadows

Wissenschaftler AMS Datierung/Isotopenforschung
Phone: +49/(0)4621/813 - 0
Fax: Fax: +49/(0)4621/813 - 535

My title is "Senior scientist in the application of AMS dating and isotope research within the field of archeology". I work with ZBSA colleagues whose archaeological research can benefit from scientific dating and / or stable isotope analyzes, and I am developing my own external research collaborations to address technical issues, such as dietary reservoir effects.  

I am based at the

Leibniz Laboratory for Age Determination and Isotope Research
Max-Eyth-Str. 11-13
24118 Kiel
Research interests

Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel

direct telephone: 0431 880 7385

The publication list below (including hyperlinks) should be up-to-date. Please e-mail me if any links are broken or if you do not have access to any paper. Do not send direct messages via Academia, Researchgate etc.. I will sometimes use OSF to make pre-prints and other research outputs more accessible (  

1986-89 BA (Hons), History and Economics, University of Tasmania, Australia

1994-95 MSc (Environmental Archeology and Palaeoeconomy), University of Sheffield, England

1996-98 freelance archaeologist / archaeobotanist (UK, USA, Syria, Jordan, Australia)

1998-2005 PhD, Archeology Program, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia Thesis: Early farmers and their environment: archaeobotanical research at Neolithic and Chalcolithic sites in Jordan

2002-04 Research Fellow, Institute of Archeology, University College London

2004-05 Archaeological Research Assistant, Early Department, Museum of London

2005-10 Assistant Scientific Dating Co-ordinator, English Heritage, London


Radiocarbon and other scientific dating methods

Bayesian chronological modeling

Environmental archeology

Palaeoenvironmental research

Interpretation of scientific data in archeology


Editorship of Conference Proceedings, with External Peer-Review 

2015 Fernandes R, Meadows J and Dreves A (eds). Proceedings of the 1st Radiocarbon and Diet: Aquatic Food Resources and Reservoir Effects Conference. Radiocarbon 57 (4). 

2014 Fernandes R and Meadows J (eds). Human Exploitation of Aquatic Landscapes . Internet Archeology 37. 

Papers in externally-referenced journals 

Müller-Scheeßel, N., Hukeľová, Z., Meadows, J., Cheben, I., Müller, J., & Furholt, M. (2020). New burial rites at the end of the Linearbandkeramik in south-west Slovakia. Antiquity. doi:10.15184/aqy.2020.103
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2020 Filipovic D, Meadows J et al.. New AMS 14C dates track the arrival and spread of broomcorn millet cultivation and agricultural change in prehistoric Europe. Scientific Reports, 10, 13698 DOI: 10.1038/s41598-020-70495-z

in press Meadows J, Rinne C, Immel A, Fuchs K, Krause-Kyora B, Drummer C. High-precision Bayesian chronological modeling on a calibration plateau: the Niedertiefenbach gallery grave. Radiocarbon, DOI:10.1017/RDC.2020.76.


2020  Agerskov Rose H, Meadows J, Henriksen, M B. Bayesian modeling of wood-age offsets in cremated bone. Radiocarbon 62(2):379-401. DOI: 10.1017/RDC.2020.3 

2020 Courel B et al.. Organic residue analysis shows sub-regional patterns in the use of pottery by Northern European hunter-gatherers. Royal Society Open Science, 7(4), 192016, DOI:10.1098/rsos.192016.

2020 Brinker U et al. Two burials in a unique freshwater shell midden: insights into transformations of Stone Age hunter-fisher daily life in Latvia. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 12(5), 97, DOI:10.1007/s12520-020-01049-7.

2020 Meadows J, Lozovskaya O, Bondetti M, Drucker D, Moiseyev V. Human palaeodiet at Zamostje 2, central Russia: Results of radiocarbon and stable isotope analyzes. Quaternary International 541:89-103. DOI: 10.1016 / j.quaint.2019.07.017

2020  Bondetti M, Scott S, Lucquin A, Meadows J , Lozovskaya O, Dolbunova E, Jordan P, Craig O. Fruits, fish and the introduction of pottery in the Eastern European plain: Lipid residue analysis of ceramic vessels from Zamostje 2nd  Quaternary International 541:104-114. DOI: 10.1016 / j.quaint.2019.05.008

2020 Dolbunova E, Tsybryi V, Mazurkevich A, Tsybryi A, Szmanda J, gowns P, Zabilska Kunek-M, M Sablin, Gorodetskaya S, C Hamon, Meadows J. Subsistence strategies and the origin of early Neolithic community in the lower Don River valley (Rakushechny Yar site, early / middle 6th millennium cal BC): First results. Quaternary International 541: 115-129. DOI: 10.1016 / j.quaint.2019.05.012

2019 Meadows J, Müller-Scheeßel N, Cheben I, Agerskov Rose H, and Furholt M. Temporal dynamics of Linearbandkeramik houses and settlements, and their implications for detecting the environmental impact of early farming. The Holocene . DOI: 10.1177 / 0959683619857239

2019  Agerskov Rose H, Meadows J , Palstra SWL, Hamann C, Boudin M, Huels M. Radiocarbon dating cremated bone: A case study comparing laboratory methods. Radiocarbon 61(5):1581-1591. DOI: 10.1017 / RDC.2019.70 

2019 Hüls CM,  Meadows J,  Rau A. Interpreting 14C measurements on 3rd – 4th century AD iron artifacts from Nydam, Denmark. Radiocarbon 61(5):1517-1529. DOI: 10.1017 / RDC.2019.15.   

2018 Meadows J, Martinelli N and Fozzati L. Archaeological evidence of early settlement in Venice: a comment on Ammerman et al. (2017). Antiquity 92 (366): 1640-1649

2018 Meadows J,  Robson H, Groß D, Hegge C, Lübke H, Schmölcke U, Terberger T, Gramsch B. How fishy was the inland Mesolithic? New data from Friesack, Brandenburg, Germany. Radiocarbon  60 (5), 1621-1636. 

2018  Rose HA, Meadows J and Bjerregaard M M. High-resolution radiocarbon dating of a medieval multiple grave, Odense, Denmark. Radiocarbon 60 (5): 1547-1559.

2018 Meadows J, Bērziņš V, Legzdiņa D, Lübke H, Schmölcke U, Zagorska I and Zariņa G. Stone-Age subsistence strategies at Lake Burtnieks, Latvia. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 17:992-1006.

2017 Dolbunova E, Kostyleva E, Kul’kova M, Meadows J, Mazurkevich A, Lozovskaya O. Сhronology of early Neolithic materials of the site Sakhtysh IIa (Central Russia). Documenta Praehistorica XLIV:176–191. 

2017 Piezonka H, Nedomolkina N, Ivanishcheva M, Kosorukova N, Kul’kova M and Meadows J. The Early and Middle Neolithic in NW Russia: Radiocarbon chronologies from the Sukhona and Onega regions. Documenta Praehistorica XLIV:122–151.  

2017 Kriiska A, Oras E, Lõugas L, Meadows J, Lucquin A and Craig O. Late Mesolithic Narva stage on the territory of Estonia: Pottery, settlement types and chronology. Estonian Journal of Archaeology 21/1:52–86.

2016 Lübke H, Brinker U, Meadows J, Bērziņš V and Zagorska I. New research on the human burials of Riņņukalns, Latvia. In: Mesolithic burials – rites, symbols and social organisation of early postglacial communities (eds J Grünberg, B Gramsch, L Larsson, J Orschiedt, H Meller). Tägungen des Landesmuseums für Vorgeschichte Halle 13/I: 241-256.

2016 Schmölcke U, Meadows J, Ritchie K, Bērziņš V, Lübke H and Zagorska I. Neolithic fish remains from the freshwater shell midden Riņņukalns in northern Latvia, Environmental Archaeology 21(4): 325-333. 

2016 Piezonka H, Meadows J, Hartz S, Kostyleva E, Nedomolkina N, Ivanishcheva M, Kozorukova N, Terberger T. Stone Age pottery chronology in the northeast European forest zone: New AMS and EA-IRMS results on foodcrusts. Radiocarbon 58(2): 267-289. 

2016 Meadows J, Bērziņš V, Brinker U, Lübke H, Schmölcke U, Staude A, Zagorska I and Zariņa G. Dietary freshwater reservoir effects and the radiocarbon ages of prehistoric human bones from Zvejnieki, Latvia. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 6:678-689.

2016 Bērziņš V, Lübke H, Berga L, Ceriņa A, Kalniņa L, Meadows J, Muižniece S, Paegle S, Rudzīte M and Zagorska I. Recurrent Stone Age occupation at Sise (western Latvia) and shoreline displacement in the Baltic Sea Basin. The Holocene 16: 1319-1325. 

2015 Meadows J, Hüls M and Schneider R. Accuracy and reproducibility of 14C measurements at the Leibniz-Labor, Kiel: a first response to Lull et al., ‘When 14C dates fall beyond the limits of uncertainty: an assessment of anomalies in a Western Mediterranean Bronze Age 14C Series’. Radiocarbon 57(5): 1041-1047. 

2015 Tõrv M and Meadows J. Radiocarbon dates and stable isotope data from the Early Bronze Age burials in Riigiküla I and Kivisaare settlement sites, Estonia. Radiocarbon 57(4): 645–656. 

2015 Rakowski A Z, Krąpiec M, Hüls M, Pawlyta J, Dreves A and Meadows J. Increase of radiocarbon concentration in tree rings from Kujawy (SE Poland) around AD 774–775, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B. 361: 564–568.  

2014 Philippsen B and Meadows J. Inland Ertebølle culture: the importance of aquatic resources and the freshwater reservoir effect in radiocarbon dates from pottery food crusts, Internet Archaeology Issue 37. 

2014 Contreras D and Meadows J. Summed radiocarbon calibrations as a population proxy: a critical evaluation using a realistic simulation approach. Journal of Archaeological Science 52: 591–608. 

2014 Bērziņš V, Brinker U, Klein C, Lübke H, Meadows J, Rudzīte M, Schmölcke U, Stümpel H and Zagorska I. New research on Rinnukalns, a Neolithic freshwater shell midden in northern Latvia, Antiquity 88, 341: 715–732. 

2014 Fernandes R, Meadows J, Dreves A, Nadeau M-J and Grootes P M M. A preliminary study on the influence of cooking on the C and N isotopic composition of multiple organic fractions of fish (mackerel and haddock). Journal of Archaeological Science 50: 153–159. 

2014 Meadows J and Māris Zunde. A lake fortress, a floating chronology, and an atmospheric anomaly: the surprising results of a radiocarbon wiggle-match from Āraiši, Latvia. Geochronometria 41 (3): 223–233. 

2014 Meadows J, Martinelli N, Nadeau M-J and Bianchin Citton E. Este, Padova, Italy: dating the Iron Age waterfront. Radiocarbon 56(2): 655–665. 

2014 Meadows J, Lübke H, Zagorska I, Bērziņš V, Ceriņa A and Ozola I. Potential freshwater reservoir effects in a Neolithic shell midden at Riņņukalns, Latvia. Radiocarbon 56(2): 823–832. 

2014 Meadows J, Eriksen B V, Zagorska I, Dreves A and Simpson J. Dating Late Palaeolithic harpoons from Lake Lubāns, Latvia. Radiocarbon 56(2): 581–589. 

2014 Garrow D, Meadows J, Evans C and Tabor J. Dating the dead: a high-resolution radiocarbon chronology of burial within an Early Bronze Age barrow cemetery at Over, Cambridgeshire. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 80: 207–236. 

2014 Martinelli N, Meadows J, Valzolgher E, Pignatelli O, Anglani L and Kromer B, Combining dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating at the Late Medieval site of Sant’Alvise, Venice, Italy. Open Journal of Archaeometry 2: 49–54. 

2013 Timberlake S, et al.. Prehistoric copper extraction in Britain: Ecton Hill, Staffordshire, Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 80: 1–48. 

2013 Greenwood D, Batt C, Meadows J and Roberts I. Dating the kiln, in A Stamford Ware pottery kiln in Pontefract: a geographical enigma and a dating dilemma (C Cumberpatch and I Roberts). Medieval Archaeology 57: 111–150

2013 Rakowski A Z, Nakamura T, Pazdur A and Meadows J. Radiocarbon concentration in annual tree rings from the Salamanca Region, Western Spain. Radiocarbon 55(1-3): 1533–1540

2012 Waddington C, et al. Excavations at Fin Cop, Derbyshire: An Iron Age Hillfort in Conflict? Archaeological Journal 169: 159–236.

2012 Ripper S, et al., Bogs, bodies and burnt mounds: visits to the Soar wetlands in the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 78: 173–206

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2010 Lovell J L et al.. Upland olive domestication in the Chalcolithic period: new 14C determinations from el-Khawarij (Ajlun), Jordan. Radiocarbon 52: 364–371

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2007 Meadows J et al.. A short passage of time: the dating of the Hazleton long cairn revisited. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 17(1) S: 45–64

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2004 Edwards P C et al.. From the PPNA to the PPNB: new views from the south after excavations at Zahrat adh-Dhra’ 2 in Jordan. Paléorient 30/2: 21–60

Chapters in Externally-Refereed Monographs 

in press Meadows J. Boudin, M, Groß, D, Jantzen, D, Lübke, H, Wild, M. Radiocarbon dating consolidated bone and antler artefacts from Mesolithic Hohen Viecheln (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany). In Working at the Sharp End: From Bone and Antler to Early Mesolithic Life in Northern Europe (eds D Groß, D Jantzen, H Lübke, J Meadows). Untersuchungen und Materialien zur Steinzeit in Schleswig-Holstein und im Ostseeraum 10. Hamburg: Wachholtz.

in press Groß D, Lübke H, Meadows J, Jantzen D, Dreibrodt S. Re-evaluation of the site Hohen Viecheln 1. In Working at the Sharp End: From Bone and Antler to Early Mesolithic Life in Northern Europe (eds D Groß, D Jantzen, H Lübke, J Meadows). Untersuchungen und Materialien zur Steinzeit in Schleswig-Holstein und im Ostseeraum 10. Hamburg: Wachholtz.

Meadows J et al.. Chapter 5: Radiocarbon Dating, in Twice-crossed river: prehistoric and palaeoenvironmental investigations at Barleycroft Farm/Over, Cambridgeshire (The Archaeology of the Lower Ouse Valley, Volume III). (C Evans, J Tabor and M Vander Linden) Cambridge: Cambridge Archaeological Unit/McDonald Institute.

2016 Grootes P, Meadows J, Nadeau M-J. Radiokarbondatierung der Gräber aus Miškovice, in Prag-Miškovice, Archäologische un naturwissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zu Grabbau, Bestattungssitten und Inventaren einer frühbronzezeitlichen Nekropole (M Ernée). Römisch-Germanische Kommission des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts. Römisch-Germanische Forschungen Band 72: 266-283

2013 Meadows J et al.. Chapter 4: Radiocarbon dating, in The Neolithic and Bronze Age Enclosures at Springfield Lyons, Essex: Excavations 1981–1991 (N Brown and M Medlycott), East Anglian Archaeology 149

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Internally Refereed Publications

2017 Tõrv M, Lübke H, Meadows J, Zagorska I and Bērziņš V. Soul carriers to the afterlife? The context and meaning of the bird figurines from Riņņukalns, in Interaktionen ohne Grenzen: Beispiele archeologischer Forschungen am Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts. Festschrift für Claus von Carnap-Bornheim zum 60. Geburtstag (eds BV Eriksen, A Abegg-Wigg, R Bleile & U Ickerodt) : 49-61. Schleswig: Wachholtz Verlag Neumünster. 

2016 Bērziņš V, Ceriņa A, Kalniņš M, Lõugas L, Lübke H, Meadows J, Pridaine: a Neolithic site at the head of the Gulf of Riga, Archaeologia Baltica 23: 12–37. 

2013 Nikulina E and Meadows J. Ancient DNA and stable isotope analysis – Two innovative scientific methods in the archaeology of hunting, in Hunting in northern Europe until 1500 AD (eds O Grimm and U Schmölcke), Neumünster, Schriften Arch. Landesmus. 7: 597–604

2013 Spataro M and Meadows J. Bringing pottery to life: ceramic temper as cultural identity. Batovicev Zbornik. Diadora 26/27: 59–75

2013 Pickstone A, et al.. War Ditches, Cherry Hinton: revisiting an Iron Age Hillfort, Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society CI: 31–59

2012 Meadows J et al.. Groundwell Ridge, Swindon, Wiltshire: radiocarbon dating and chronological modelling, English Heritage Research Report Series 24/2012

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2003 Bourke S J et al.. Preliminary report on the eighteenth and nineteenth seasons of excavation at Pella (Tabaqat Fahl) by the University of Sydney. Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan 47

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1999 Bienert H-D et al.. Archaeological excavations at the Late Neolithic site of ash-Shalaf: preliminary report on the 1998 season. Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan 43: 49–67

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