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Stefanie Klooß: Mit Einbaum und Paddel zum Fischfang

Mit Einbaum und Paddel zum Fischfang − Holzartefakte von endmesolithischen und frühneolithischen Küstensiedlungen an der südwestlichen Ostseeküste

(Out fishing with a dugout and paddle − wooden artefacts from the late Mesolithic and early Neolithic coastal settlements on the southwestern Baltic coast) with its cover illustration of a dugout and paddle is a study carried out by Stephanie Klooß of Kiel.Cover Klooss It is published as Volume 6 in the series Untersuchungen und Materialien zur Steinzeit in Schleswig-Holstein und im Ostseeraum (Studies and materials of the Stone Age in Schleswig-Holstein and the Baltic Area). This is the second volume to be edited as a collaborative undertaking by the Archäologisches Landesmuseum (ALM) and the Zentrum für Baltische und Skandinavische Archäologie (ZBSA). The aim of the study was the dendrochronological and technological-ergological examination of wooden artefacts from late Mesolithic and early Neolithic sites on the southwestern Baltic coast of northern Germany that were archaeologically investigated recently.

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