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Cluster "History of Hunting"

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This cluster covers northern and central Europe, from the Palaeolithic period to the Middle Ages, and calls upon methods used by both arts and sciences. Its activities include regular workshops and publications, preferably with external financing. In addition, research projects with third-party financing are encouraged and theses supervised. On both the concept and project levels, there is close cooperation with external colleagues.

Exploration of the History of Hunting
Dr. Oliver Grimm, Dr. Ulrich Schmölcke
Reindeer migration routes during the Late Glacial period: an interdisciplinary study
Dr. Mara-Julia Weber, Prof. Dr. Berit Eriksen, Prof. Dr. T. Douglas Price, Dr. John Meadows, Dr. Elena Nikulina, Dr. Ulrich Schmölcke
Workshop and book: Raptor and human - falconry and bird symbolism throughout the millennia on a global scale
Dr. Oliver Grimm, Karl-Heinz Gersmann
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