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Cluster Beyond the Grave – Social and Cultural Dimensions of Mortuary Practices

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This cluster deals with the whole context of the treatment of the dead: from the construction and lay-out of the grave and the burial ground to the treatment of the corpse, grave furnishings, the accoutrement of the deceased and how he/she is remembered.
It includes the socio-culturally differentiated concept of death as a rite of passage, both how it is staged and how it is understood. Also considered are post-burial influences, whether natural or intentional, i.e.  the normal decomposition and repositioning caused by processes in the soil, but also the re-opening of the grave for various purposes. Graves reflect not only cultural but also individual dimensions relating to the deceased as well as to the society performing the burial. Consequently, the discussion also has to include the social and structural connection between an unusual grave complex  and a nearby settlement, and the identification of the ranks of the persons buried in the features found in the settlement.

Research into the Early Roman Iron Age site of Hoby, Lolland
Dr. Ruth Blankenfeldt
The princely graves at Lübsow and their settlement-archaeology context
Dr. Ruth Blankenfeldt
DFG project LA 2891/2-1 „The chamber grave of Migration Period at Poprad, Slovakia – an interdisciplinary research project for evaluation of an extraordinary find"
project leader: Dr. Nina Lau
Hammelev – a maglemosian cremation grave
PD Dr. Berit Valentin Eriksen
The Berlin 'Chef militaire'. A luxurious grave of the early 5th century
Dr. Andreas Rau
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