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Cluster "Maritime communication"

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In the ZBSA’s area of study, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea influenced cultural and political developments to a particularly large degree. These seas can be seen as communication areas – depending on the research perspective and depending on the use and connection with the maritime milieu, which differed in extent and intensity with each society. Core aspects of the research in this cluster are how these communication areas were structured, the means of transportation, the establishment of permanent harbours, the range as well as the socio-cultural and political significance of trade and conflicts along the maritime routes.

Birka’s Harbour in Excavation and Surveys
Dr. Sven Kalmring
Harbours in the North Atlantic (AD 800–1300): the investigation of harbours in the Shetland Islands and Greenland
DFG Projekt-SPP-Häfen: PD Dr Natascha Mehler, Joris Coolen MA, Prof. Dr Claus von Carnap-Bornheim
Selected small finds from the presumed Roman landing place at Bentumersiel
Dr. Nina Lau, Dr. Andreas Rau
The early medieval settlement of Wiskiauten / Mohovoe
Dr. Timo Ibsen
The Leiruvogur Harbour Research Project
Prof. J. Byock, Prof. C. von Carnap-Bornheim, Dr. S. Kalmring und Dr. D. Zori
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