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Cluster Settlements and Power Structures

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Settlements are always embedded in a complex system of overlaying power structures of the respective societies, regardless of whether this power is manifested in a political, economic, military, administrative, legal or cultic way. These power structures lead to a differentiation of settlements, e.g. hill forts or strongholds and fortified settlements, early urban centers or administrative places. It is important to analyze this manifestation of power based on the architectural structures of the settlements themselves, to link them with their cultural and geographical settlement environment and to place them in an over regional context.

Baltic Hillfort Network
Prof. Dr. Claus von Carnap-Bornheim und Dr. Timo Ibsen
Indicators for territorial dominion in the North? Interdisciplinary basic research on the early kingdom in Scandinavia: Exemplified by sites with the name of Huseby
Dr. Thorsten Lemm
New Aspects on Viking-age Urbanism, c. 750–1100
Dr. Sven Kalmring, Dr. Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson (Historiska museet), Assistant professor Lena Holmquist (Stockholms universitet)
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