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Man and Artefact – Artefact and Man

The North Sea and Baltic region is frequently reflected in the archaeological finds as an autonomous and interconnected area of social interaction throughout the ages. From the Stone Age hunters and gatherers to the Germanic cultures of the early Middle Ages, the inhabitants created their own special artefacts, which can be classified in the functional, technological, typological, chronological and cultural categories that form the traditional foundation of all archaeological research.

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Man and Society – Society and Man

The Strategic Research Area “Man and Society – Society and Man” covers a large number of different, archaeologically identifiable, individuals and groups that fall within the range of the ZBSA’s geographical and chronological remit. However, these have to be considered against the background of certain specific features of the area under study.

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Man and Environment – Environment and Man

This Strategic Research Area encompass projects that use different methodologies to study the interaction between man and the natural environment of the Baltic Sea region from a historical perspective.

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Aktueller Hinweis!

Das Zentrum für Baltische und Skandinavische Archäologie arbeitet aufgrund der Corona-Krise ab dem 17.3.2020 überwiegend im Homeoffice. Unter den bekannten Mailadressen sind die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter erreichbar.

Daher haben auch Gastwissenschaftler zur Zeit keinen Zugang zu unseren Räumlichkeiten. Bitte wenden Sie sich zu gegebener Zeit an die bekannten Ansprechpartner.

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From 17/3/2020 the staff of the Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology will be mainly working from home due to the Corona crisis. The employees can be reached under the known email addresses.

For this reason, guest researchers do currently not have access to our facilities. Please get in touch with the known contact persons in due course.

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