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Cluster "The sacrifice of military equipment"

One of the ZBSA’s core fields of research is the re-evaluation and publication of earlier archaeological research relating to the sacrifice of military equipment during the Roman Iron Age and the Migration Period, a phenomenon found in southern Scandinavia and northern Germany. The typological, chronological, social and religious aspects of the abundant find material are analysed and the specifically ritual aspects of each category of finds are investigated in the context of cultural history.

Elements of military equipment from Thorsberg Moor (finished)
Dr. Suzana Matešić
GIS-assisted evaluation of war booty offering sites
Dr. Ruth Blankenfeldt
Nydam mose – weapons
Dr. Andreas Rau
Personal equipment from Thorsberg bog (completed)
Dr. Ruth Blankenfeldt
The horse harnesses from Thorsberg Moor (completed)
Dr. Nina Lau
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