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GIS-assisted evaluation of war booty offering sites

Dr. Ruth Blankenfeldt

Thorsberg bog GISAlongside the evaluation of finds recovered from sites of war booty offerings, studies of the localities themselves and questions relating to the actual deposition rituals have, in recent times, also become a focus of professional attention. These analyses are facilitated by GIS projects in several crucial respects. These computer-assisted descriptions of large- and small-scale find contexts can, for example, provide a hint as to whether, during particular periods, only limited areas were used or selected artefact groups were sacrificed and how the site was integrated into the natural environmental conditions and the archaeological context. Subsequently, the members of the GIS department of the ZBSA (N. Binkowski, K. Göbel, J. Nowotny) have been involved in GIS projects relating to the war booty sites of Illerup Ådal, Nydam and Ejsbøl in Denmark, as well as Thorsberg Moor (cf. figure) in Schleswig-Holstein. On the basis of this GIS database new questions have been formulated with respect to these sites and the technical potential for analysis of the localities has been defined and further developed.

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