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Projects Man and Artefact

All projects of the stratecig research theme in alphabetical order:

'Barbarian art' − roots, synthesis, purpose
Dr. Ruth Blankenfeldt, Prof. Dr. Claus von Carnap-Bornheim, PD Dr. phil. habil. Alexandra Pesch
Bronze Age flint working
PD Dr. Berit Valentin Eriksen
Defining the Ahrensburgian
PD Dr. Berit Valentin Eriksen
Examination and dating of Mesolithic antler head-dresses
Markus Wild MA, Dr. John Meadows, Dr. Martin Street (MONREPOS, RGZM)
GIS-assisted evaluation of war booty offering sites
Dr. Ruth Blankenfeldt
Gold collars: The power of beasts
Dr. Alexandra Pesch
Heat treatment of chert
PD Dr. Berit Valentin Eriksen
Imagery: Cultic communication (and: Legacy of Karl Hauck)
Dr. Alexandra Pesch
Late Iron Age pendants (800–1250 AD) in the Eastern Baltic: adorning, self-definition, religion
Tuuli Kurisoo MA
Lithics Analysis Laboratory
PD Dr. Berit Valentin Eriksen, Dr. Mara-Julia Weber
Long Blades as markers of long-distance connections?
Dr. Mara-Julia Weber
Nydam mose – weapons
Dr. Andreas Rau
Pinnberg 7: Chronology, Technology, Typology (completed)
Dr. Daniel Groß
S-shaped clasps in european Barbaricum
Krzysztof Patalan M.A.
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