Rathaus Schleswig

Conference on ‘Architecture of Power’ in Uppsala (June 2023): a German-Swedish cooperation

In the midst of June 2023 and in a Swedish-German cooperation, a conference at Uppsala University will address this topic in an interdisciplinary manner: Northern and East-Central European architecture and landscape of power (late first millennium AD to 1300 AD) – was there a development of its own or a Frankish-Late Antique transfer of ideas? (see the attached program)

Conference Organisers:

  • Associate Professor John Ljungkvist (Uppsala University)
  • Professor Olof Sundqvist (Stockholm University)
  • Associate Professor Torun Zachrisson (Upplandsmuseet)
  • Dr. Sven Kalmring (Statens historiska museer)
  • Dr. Oliver Grimm and Dr. Thorsten Lemm (ZBSA)

Conference sponsors:

Download Architecture of Power Conference Program

Picture top: City hall of Schleswig, resting upon the foundations of the Danish royal seat (11th to 13th century).