Dr. William Mills

Dr. William Mills

E-Mail: william.mills@zbsa.eu • Telefon: +49/(0)4621/813 – 304 • Fax: +49/(0)4621/813 – 535

Background (Vita summary)

Following the completion of my degree in History of Art and Archaeology at the University of Aix-Marseille, I transitioned to an MSc at UCL, London, specialising in geo-archaeology, palaeoenvironments and micromorphology. Upon completion, I worked for several years as both a geoarchaeologist and field archaeologist in contract archaeology. This year (2022), I completed my DPhil at the University of Oxford, this was focussed on the Northern European Late Glacial themes of lithics technology, the Channel River, fluvial systems, palaeo-landscapes and environments, resource catchments and mobility.

I have also accumulated experience over the years working on multiple research projects in Europe, the Near and Middle East; North, East and West Africa; India and anthropology and archaeology in North America. These cover a range of periods from the Early Medieval to the Middle Palaeolithic.

Current Research
  • Federmesser techno-typology with the publication of the Late Glacial site of Brockhill
  • Comparative technological aspects of Creswellian and Hamburgian points
  • The Late Glacial archaeology of major river catchments: the Channel River and Doggerland.
  • My interests also include early boat and bow craft and technologies, arctic and subarctic hunter-gatherer societies and experimental archaeology.