Cover Bear And Human

Publication of the ZBSA-book on ‘bear and human‘

On the base of lectures given at a conference in Sweden (2019), but now considerably expanded, the ZBSA-book on ‘Bear and Human‘ has been published, both printed and digitally (Open Access Gold), by Brepols Publishers (Belgium). It yields 64 articles on almost 1200 pages and is volume three of the series ‘Advanced Studies on the Archaeology and History of Hunting, edited by the Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology (ZBSA)‘. More broadly understood, however, the publication belongs to the field of Human-Animal Studies. With a point of departure in biology, archaeology and archaeozoology, the multi-layered relationship between bear and human is discussed in the book’s 64 contributions, for premodern and modern times, and with an emphasis on Northern Europe. All relevant branches of science are represented, from the aforementioned ones to history of ideas, history of religions, image research, literary studies and philology.

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