37. Tvaerfaglige Vikingesymposium Hedeby/Slesvig, Danevirke and beyond – the External Perspective

For the next 10 years of Hedeby-research a research agenda will be developed within the newly established research cluster “Hedeby/Slesvig, Danevirke and Beyond”, which is structured around three thematic main complexes: I) Production, Distribution and Networks, II) Interaction of Economy and Lordship and III) the Power-Political Framework. The annual Tværfaglige Vikingesymposium takes this year place at the “Wikinger Museum Haithabu” near Schleswig on the 1st of October, which we plan to be special not only due to the recent World Heritage nomination of the “Archaeological Border complex of Hedeby and the Danevirke”. Instead of presenting themselves and their most recent results on Hedeby/Slesvig-research at the Vikingesymposium, the organisers have invited several external specialists to present their personal view on one of the given thematic main complexes in order to test their viability independently by their skilled expert approach. On the Tværfaglige Vikingesymposium each two speakers – based on their personal point of origin in research – are planned to give an individual paper on one and the same thematic complex summarised by two final papers from both an archaeological and a historical point of view.

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Organisers: Volker Hilberg (Museum für Archäologie, Schleswig), Sven Kalmring (ZBSA), Thorsten Lemm (ZBSA)