Conference with major ZBSA participation: Bear and human – facets of a multi-layered relationship (Sweden, October 2019)

The prominent role of bears in human history is a topic widely discussed by scholars in different scientific fields. The aim of the conference about ‘Bear and human – facets of a multi-layered relationship’ (Orsa Predator Park, Dalarna, Sweden; Oct. 16th to 18th 2019) is to explore and contribute to a better understanding of this relationship in the period from the late hunter and gatherers until modern times, by including biologists and a broad range of representatives from the Humanities (altogether 20 speakers). The geographic focus will be laid upon northern Europe, with special reference to highly relevant sources known from Sweden. The lead scientist of the conference is Olof Sundqvist, professor for history of religion at Stockholm university, acting in close cooperation with PD Dr. Alexandra Pesch and Dr. Oliver Grimm from the Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology (ZBSA) in northern Germany.

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