Drainage Systems

Version 1.0.0

Please cite this data as „compiled by ZBSA after Antoine et al. 2003; Bridgland 1994; Busschers et al. 2007; Grimm 2019; Inocemzev et al. 2014; Lemke et al. 2002“

For full references see below.

The map is approximately representing the timeslice:

chronological frametimeslice
Greenlandic isotope chronology 
years calibrated BC00–00
year calibrated BP00–00
14C years BP00–00

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The archive contains different files. We provide the Source SHP File with their secondary files, the „sources map“ PDF and the release notes PDF.

The SHP-files are meant to be used as additional layer for the EPHA maps to show valleys and potential prehistoric drainage systems.

The data bound is defined from 12°W to 44°E and 43°N to 72°N. All Data were digitalised from different sources (See Sources Map) which are listed further down in this site.

River valleys where digitised using the “European catchments and Rivers network system” (Ecrins) dataset provided by the European Environment Agency (https://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/data/european-catchments-and-rivers-network) and the elevation data of the “GEBCO One Minute Grid” from the “GEBCO Gridded bathymetric Data” (https://www.gebco.net/).

  • River valleys where selected by the highest “maindrain”-attribute in the Ecrins dataset
  • Dry valleys where reconstructed on topographic features
  • Most interpolations are based on assumption and bathymetric features
29-08-20191st release of the data

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